Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chicken tractor

here is the chicken tractor hubby finally had to make. our layers and the rooster will be in this from now on. boogie woogie the rooster attacked baby ian again! well we can't have that! hubby stopped working on the waggy (in the background) to whip up one of these. we got the idea from one of my newest heroes, Joel Salatin of polyface farms. the tractor well be moved everyday to give the chickens fresh ground and grass to scratch at. there is a roost and 2 nesting boxes under the roof. a door in the roof above the nesting boxes will provide easy access to the eggs. i'm sure the chickens will be very unhappy at first, but oh well. it has to be done. although i think the rooster will find himself in the stew pot soon.


Debbie Out Loud said...

Very cool, and I love the idea. I don't get why it's a "tractor," but I can be a little (lot) dense at times. =o) What do you have in terms of acreage? Whatever we do will have to be on our suburban lot - 9,500 square feet.

leslilli said...

hi debbie!
i'm not sure why it's called a tractor either. maybe becaus it is heavy enough to use a tractor to move it around?!? LOL
we have just under 4 acres here. we sit toward the back of our property so no view of the road, which is great!
urban gardening is VERY cool and thre is a really awesome family in cali that is very inspiring for the urban gardener, heck they inspire me to try things here!.
check them out here. http://www.pathtofreedom.com/