Saturday, February 21, 2009

recap of this morning's MfL coffee & conversation

well we had our meeting today and one new member came. we had an excellent time! the weather wasn't very cooperative though, we had a snow storm!! we did discuss the camp-out. we discussed a fee for the camp out and we thought that $20 per family would be a good price. we came to this amount because of some of the crafts (we are going to get the supplies) and taking care of any other things we need to get (porta potty if a good amount of people come, trips into town, we were even talking about some time at one of the local lakes, big breakfast sunday morning.) we would also like to have some MfL/MI merchandise for sale here, i have emailed jan and am waiting for her reply. we are very excited about the camp-out and we have some really good ideas for games, crafts and fun for both kids and adults. we also discussed going to our local botanical gardens for the "gardening with your kids project" for march. i am also going to post the seed project and something about growing sprouts. the membership drive in may, the conference in april (it doesn't look like anyone from the group will be able to attend this event), speakers for the teleconferences and writers/artists for the magazine. if i missed anything please feel free to add it :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mothers for Liberty meetup group

We are not only looking for moms who would like to join our group, BUT we are also looking for moms who have talents and interests they would like to share with our group ... possibly as a guest speaker at one of our meetings.
Some of the topics that would be of interest to our members include homeschooling/unschooling, gardening/canning, alternative energies/green living, writing/publishing, running for local office, etc ...If any of these topics appeal to you and/or you have experience in any of these areas and would like to share your knowledge with other moms, please contact me via this thread, pm me at CafeMom or contact me thru the Meetup Group at:

Consitution Class

Want to learn more about the Constitution? check out this class and website. if there are 20 people who say they want the class in your home city, Michael Badnarik (the author of the book Good to be King) will begin making arrangements to come.
Instructor: Michael Badnarik
This is the highly acclaimed 8hr class taught by author and Constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik.In 8 hours, Michael covers far more than you learned in years of high school or college, in a way you'll never forget.