Friday, May 29, 2009

liberty loving michiganders

in my journey looking for like minded folks in my area i have found these 2 groups. if you live in michigan and LOVE liberty you should check these groups out! Michigan Freedom Coalition Grassroots in Michigan Michigan stands for sovereignty it's time to get organized locally !!

Monday, May 18, 2009

busy spring

spring time at the homestead means we are VERY busy. there is the garden to plant, the fryer to tend, the turkeys running wild. i have been doing a lot of moving of plants to give the place a little better look. dear husband has been working like a mad man lately (thankfully) so i have been getting a tad bit behind in the chores around here. i also am without a car, ugh!! so i am unable to run errands and things of that nature. my washing machine also broke, UGH AGAIN!! but i did hand wash some diapers (those just can't wait) in the home made washer. it was NOT fun, but here is a small video i made.....

the part to fix my under 2 year old washer (HE front loading piece of POO) was over $100! well i didn't like my front loader and told hubby to find me an old school top loading washer on craiglist. he did. it was $50 and it works like a charm :)