Thursday, July 31, 2008


well we have been pulling TONS of cucumbers out of the garden. we are going to have SOOOO many pickles. the calendula is doing very well too, i have lots of it drying in the kitchen and dining room. i picked 2 cabbages out of the garden and i'm attempting to make sauerkraut, man is it going to be stinky around here for a while! oh well it'll be good when it is done. there are butternut squashes, acorn squashes, pumpkins and watermelons all growing in the garden yummy. i went to the farmers market here in town and met a couple who run a chemical free farm just down the road. very cool. we may stop by for a visit and get some veggies to can. next year we definitely need to expand our garden. good thing this year was the "learning" year. we started our first year of homeschool this week. it's going well. i think bubby really likes it. he is very smart and very interested.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

mama cloth

well, i'm gonna do it. I've made one already. and here it is...
i made it from a pattern i found at Many Moons Alternatives website. i made it from a receiving blanket. Man it was so easy to make. now all i have to do is wash them then try them out. i've heard they are suppose to reduce the number of yeast infections (i've never had any until i had kids, weird.) well i have to make some more, i have lots of receiving blankets. i will also be making more diapers out of them since jelly bean is out growing some of his.

Friday, July 25, 2008

no 'poo revolution

i have been shampoo and conditioner free for 3 months now. i LOVE it. my hair has never seemed so healthy and shiny and full and strong before. i have been "washing" it with baking soda and using a chamomile lemon juice and vinegar rinse afterward. it's great, i will never go back. if you would like to know more just ask.


just thought i would post a picture of some of my working aprons. these are some of the ones in the weekly rotation. yes i wear an apron everyday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what should i make??

well i need another apron. yes yes i do. the ones i wear now just do not have enough pockets! i saw one somewhere and it had lots of big deep pockets and man did i want it! so i'm sitting here thinking (after getting teething jelly bean to finally go to sleep, what a way to relax think about aprons), so i was thinking i can make one, yes sirree i can and i will. keep checking at the remix projects to see how i'm doing on it. i'll post the work pictures there. wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


yesterday i made bread. there is nothing like the smell of homemade bread filling the house. i made just plain white this time (i usually make egg bread) and it was very good.
i was busy yesterday, i also made pickles and pickled some zukes. i've never done either before so hopefully they turn out yummy good. we'll see in 4-6 weeks......

home made diapers

this is a test from my photobucket account. these are some of the homemade diapers i made. aren't they cute?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

world without cancer

how amazing. what if there never had to be cancer again. that would be great and so very sad at the same time, my very favorite gramma died of cancer......*wiping a tear*, if a change in diet and vitamin supplement was all it would've took.

sheet skirt

well, this is the skirt i made from a sheet and an old t-shirt. very cool and comfy. it was really easy and it only took me like an hour to make. i got the idea off of a forum, there are some very creative people out there. i just love the idea of reusing or "upcycling" stuff.

ok here we go....

well we are going to try out this blog thing. we are trying to live as simply as possible and this will be the place to keep track of our adventures. i will probably be the main (if not only) writer to this blog. i'm leslilli, i have been married for 7 years to my hubby and we have 2 boys, bubby (4years) and jelly bean (11.5 months). we also have 2 dogs, brutus (7, a pug) and vera (3 months, border collie). we also have a flock of naughty chickens known as "the girls". this is the first year for us in our red door home, we have a veggie garden, it's full of weeds but i am still getting tons of veggies out of it. next year the plans are for a much bigger garden, i didn't seem to make it big enough to can things too. good thing we have lots of goods farmers markets in the area. i have been making lots of jam, bubby, jelly and i have been going to u-picks for strawberries , red raspberries, and blueberries. at the end of the week it will be black raspberries hopefully.....mmmmm homemade jam.