Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cheep cheep peep peep

our chicks have arrived, TWICE!! seems the hatchery has double hipped our order and now we have about 60 baby chicks. we are having a hard time accommodating them all. every tote in the house is being emptied and use for chick brooders! there is always peeping and cheeping going on!
these little cuties are called polish or chooks. they get big feather hair dos! ike wanted to show these as his 4h project. i think they may turn out to be a little more work than he bargain for. we'll see how he handles it. he can be very helpful in feeding and watering, but he does have his moments. :)
this is a turkey chick. apparently the accommodations for these do not have high enough sides!!
poor chick, to tired to even leave the food dish. they are so cute when they're little.

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