Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my shield

My shield in the war to protect my family Recently my hubby was asked if he thought I would be interested in having some of my photography in a guerilla art show. His response was “I doubt it; she hasn’t done photography in a few years. Maybe if you let her put aprons in she would.” (Aprons are my “thing” right now) the girl then replied, “You’re a chauvinist”. He said “No she just likes aprons”. After he told me about this conversation, we had a little chat. We discussed that although I do have a few things in common with this girl, whole food cooking, crocheting, soap making, non vaccinating. We do them for different reasons. I do all these things for the family. We are trying to get back to the older family values, trying to be self sufficient, to be healthier. I see no problems with my role as caretaker of the home and the family. I don’t see my hubby as a chauvinist by being the bread winner. I don’t view my apron as scarlet letter. I view my apron as a shield in defending the values we hold. When I wear my aprons it lets people know who I am (a mom) and where I stand (at the homestead). It lets people know that we are a “traditional” family where one parent is home at all times taking care of the things there. There is always someone on call, so to speak. I find it very discouraging to think that another mom (she has children, they just don’t live with her) would think that because I stay at home and wear an apron I am some how suppressed/oppressed by this. It is totally the opposite. I feel freeier knowing that I am doing what my hubby and I feel is best for our family. We are not rich people, we sacrifice to live this way, but it’s our way and we wouldn’t change a thing. My apron is a shield not a scarlet letter!

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