Tuesday, September 2, 2008

here we are

well lots has going on lately, when it rains it pours. i am in the mists of starting a homeschool group in my area, very exciting! hope it all goes well, it would be nice to have support in this area. i have to get on the canning, the garden is coming to an end and i need to pick the last of the veggies it will bear. tomatoes, any squashes left and the vast amount of cucumbers i continue to get from it. i will be supplementing our bounty with veggies from the farmers market. not everything grew well this year. i have been sewing up a storm, i am trading aprons for jewelry. getting a little christmas "shopping" done. i will be demonstrating soapmaking on the 17th at the mothers institute conference in Illinois, very exciting, but i need to get some soap made! i also am making up a pattern for an apron to give away there in line with the apron revolution, very very cool. we will be starting a more structured line of homeschooling for ike soon. just because the time of year will call for it. we are looking into getting him started in wrestling and into the 4h. he really wants to show boogie woogie at the fair! we are also looking for a piano teacher. hubby and his fellow musicians will be doing a show at a coffee house in gr on the 12th. he's very excited! i won't be able to go though. some one has to stay with the boys :)

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