Thursday, August 21, 2008

apron revolution

Apron revolution
I wear an apron everyday. Yes everyday. They are a wonderful utilitarian tool. They are what I wipe my dirty hands on, they protect my clothes for spills while cooking, they have very handy pockets, and if I have to change the baby they provide a prefect place to lay them down (take it off of course). There are a multitude of uses for them. They are also very cute. They come in many styles, colors, patterns. And they are very easy to make. I can make one in an afternoon. While these are all very good reasons to wear an apron, I also wear one as a symbol. One that says no to the government trying to break up my family. I wear one to say, I cook a meal every night, I am at home so my children do not have to be under the care of another, I provide all the care that a parent should. I do not need the government to educate my children, I don not need a licensed daycare, I do not need an after school program. I am responsible for my family. I cook, I clean, I mend, I bake, I can, I garden, and I sew. I do not feed my family preservative filled foods, I do not let the TV entertain us, and I do not clean my home or my family, with chemicals. I am not on any government program. I wear an apron to symbolize the fact that I will not let the government break up my family, this is my family and I will take care of it. I will not let the government step in; big brother is not welcome to look over my shoulder. I wear an apron, not only because they are useful, but also to say “I am the caretaker of my family and home, and I am proud.”

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