Thursday, September 18, 2008

our veggie garden, beginning to end

well this was the first year for a garden. it did pretty good this year, but we will be working on the soil and hopefully it will do better next year. we got zucchini, acorn squash (they were just little), butternut squash and pumpkins. the corn didn't do any thing, neither did the eggplant. we got lots of banana pepper and hot peppers. i could've swore that i planted green peppers but none showed up. the cucumbers went crazy in the garden, i've canned just about every kind of pickle, i swear.

we did get a few green beans, enough for dilly green beans and a few quarts canned. the black beans and lima beans are more work than they are worth and would take a huge amount of the garden to get enough to last more than one dinner. we did get a crop of mutant carrots. darn hard soil. lol we started our garden in the house when it was still pretty chilly out. luckily we have nice wide window sills =)

when it warmed up a little we put up this homemade greenhouse. it is made from the frame of a portable car cover and some clear plastic. it worked well, except for the fact the wind like to "play" with it. next year we will be putting it up against the house. hopefully this will help with the wind problem and maybe help heat it too. (our house is dark brown right now, on the south side the walls get fairly warm)

we did cover our garden area with tarp to try and help kill off the grass. it didn't work very well. when we expand we will just till up what is there.

this is the garden growing mid summer. we have a deer fence around it and haven't had any problem with wild visitors (except for the free range chickens). the garden will be bigger next year. this is a picture of the herb (medicinal and culinary) garden on the berm. i planted it and harvested a little, but i want to let the plants get established before i do lots of harvesting and drying.

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